Public Policy

CMSA-SOV Public Policy Update


 At the last Board meeting, the Board voted to make the pursuit of e-NLC ( Nurse Compact Licensure)  the highest  public policy and legislative priority for the coming year.  To that end, the liaison for the Board, Joan Sevy Majers has been working closely with Jim Puente from  the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and the Ohio Organization of Nurse leaders (of which she is also a member) to bring the issue forward to other nursing groups.  The OONL Board is working on a position statement to discuss with the Ohio Hospital Association and other nursing professional organizations. It may be that from this work, a state- wide coalition of nursing organizations may be formed to pursue legislation drafting compact legislation for Ohio.

 Of great concern is that, among the  34 states now implementing the compact are Indiana and  introducing compact legislation this  year are  states surrounding Ohio  (Pennsylvania  and Michigan)  . These new developments have led to concerns among nurse leaders regarding staff recruitment and retention. It is also important to note, that the NCSBN has clearly indicated on their website that licensure is required for nurses where the place of service is provided:

“Lawful practice requires that a nurse be licensed or have the privilege to practice in the state where the patient or recipient of practice is located at the time nursing service is provided. This is not to be confused with the state where the patient resides because the patient may not be located in the state of residency at the time practice occurs” (retrieved from

This statement is of critical importance to case managers who function in telemedicine and telephonic practice. If you are delivering service to clients in states other than Ohio, you must be licensed in that state, regardless of the client’s home state. This is the reason  why the national CMSA organization and your local Board have made this legislation its highest priority.

 Please join us at our regional conference on 10/19/19 at Receptions Conference Center when a further public policy update and call for action will occur!